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Central Florida Dressage 

Welcome to the Central Florida Dressage Website.

We are a not-for-profit club promoting the equine sport of dressage.

Mission Statement: Dressage is that training of the horse which results in the harmonious development of the horse’s physical and mental condition and emphasizes the improvement of natural gaits and refined communication between horse and rider. The purpose of CFD is to promote Dressage as an art and sport by educating and supporting the Rider, Trainer and Breeder.

We fulfill our Mission Statement for our members and the Dressage Community by having clinics, securing industry professionals as speakers, recognizing individuals or groups for accomplishments, growing the membership and co-mingling with other Dressage Clubs.

The benefits of belonging to CFD are having regular educational meetings, sense of belonging, group support, sharing knowledge, meeting others in the sport, reduced rate for CFD clinics, The Centerline E-Newsletter, local events online, support from local industry businesses, and support at shows.

Please navigate through the web site and we hope  you decide to join us!

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